Winter wonderland…

Just wanted to chime in after such a white knuckled day of driving…so worth it to have so much fun and make some great music. Annie & Rod Capps and I had a lovely unplugged, low lighting (lost power!) and intimate show at Carrick’s House Concerts, along with a great set by Ben & Keri Bedford…those two sounded so good together! Annie & Rod always keep me on my toes and we have had so many crazy fun experiences together, this was truly cool and we were grateful to all those brave souls that drove out. Thanks to Craig and Nikki Carrick for the hard work they put into that series, such special people!!

I ended the evening with Jill Jack & the Hopeful Winos, (Jill, Mark Iannace, Brian Lord and myself) for a bit of an early holiday show and again, they are always fun to play with and the folks at Dylan’s are always a hoot to play for, big thanks to Rocco!

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