Slow and steady…

We are close to the end of another year, time does indeed fly!!  Wanted to mention a few things I am excited about. Still slowly working on my next cd, a vocal cd, probably going to be a sparse record with a few guests here and there but schedules being what they are, things take time.  That’s ok though, as new material is finding its way under my fingers every month and I’m just trying to keep up with it all. Awaiting a new mandola from Benjamin Wilcox and BRW Instruments, which is bound to be a thing of beauty. I have been beyond happy with BRW #58 & #97 and this new instrument will be featured immediately so keep an eye out! Doing random sideman gigs with the likes of Annie & Rod Capps, Billy Brandt, the Flutter and the Wow, and Chris Buhalis in Dec and excited to open for my friend Adam Plomeritas at his CD release at the Ark on Jan. 30! Wayward Roots will be taking a little time off to do some more writing and hope to release  an EP of live songs very soon from some of our recent shows. I’m now teaching at Detroit Guitar in downtown Birmingham on Mondays and Thursdays, in addition to my continued private lessons, so anyone interested feel free to inquire!! Stay tuned!!

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2011 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition

2nd Place Winners - Wayward Roots


5 Detroit Music Award Nominations

Outstanding Folk Instrumentalist


2005 Bronze Winner for Best Solo Musician

Ann Arbor News


2000 Gamble Rogers Fingerstyle Champion (Florida)


1999 Cammy Award

Best Folk/Bluegrass Instrumentalist


1998 Cammy Award

Best Folk Instrumentalist


1997 Cammy Award

Best Folk Instrumentalist