Bring it…

Hey there, sorry for being out of touch so to speak, lots of music been bein played with various folks and lots of good fun being had. Cd Releases for Potter’s Field, (another album I played all over) new recordings with Annie & Rod Capps, and Wayward Roots and more music period!! The month of December always proves to be more teaching than gigging, as students are coming home for the holidays and squeezing in what they can, which is good for me!! For those interested in private lessons, or having me or Wayward Roots for a house concert, please feel free to send an email to for availability!

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2011 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition

2nd Place Winners - Wayward Roots


5 Detroit Music Award Nominations

Outstanding Folk Instrumentalist


2005 Bronze Winner for Best Solo Musician

Ann Arbor News


2000 Gamble Rogers Fingerstyle Champion (Florida)


1999 Cammy Award

Best Folk/Bluegrass Instrumentalist


1998 Cammy Award

Best Folk Instrumentalist


1997 Cammy Award

Best Folk Instrumentalist