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Closing in

This year is quickly coming to a close but there are some notable shows to look out for! My last trio show with Annie and Rod Capps this sat dec 6 at Coffee Amici in Findlay, OH. We always have a good time there and look forward to some familiar faces. I’m excited about the new material that is soon to be recorded with Annie & Rod and we can’t wait to get this music to you in 2015!

Another project I’m excited about is my involvement with Thunderwüde, an acoustic based, bluegrassy, rootsy kind of thang born out of makin music on Wednesday nights in Chelsea, MI. My cohorts are Wes Fritzemeier, George Merkel, and Tommy Reifel from the Ben Daniels Band. The Ben Daniels Band had a track included on the soundtrack from Dumb and Dumber 2 and will be supporting Jeff Daniels on tour in January and I’m happy to make music with those guys when schedules allow. You can check out some live takes from our fun times at our reverbnation page,üde. We are happy to be playing at The Ark Dec 18 as a co-bill with Adam Plomeritas from Ypsilanti and his brand of soul, pop, and rock. Come help bring the thunder of Thunderwüde to a roaring mountain of acoustic rage!

I’ll finally be releasing some new music in 2015, a solo EP of some stripped down versions of songs I’ve been playing the past few years and a few new tunes, along with a collection of music with Thunderwüde, keep your ears peeled!

Dec 19/20 will have me playing mandolin and singin again with the Mark Lavengood Bluegrass Bonanza as we hit Founders in Grand Rapids and the Avenue Cafe in East Lansing just before the Holiday begins. The Founders show will be a hoot with the flame throwing Billy Strings & Don Julin sharing the stage and no doubt joining us for some acoustic mayhem!

Slow and steady…

We are close to the end of another year, time does indeed fly!!  Wanted to mention a few things I am excited about. Still slowly working on my next cd, a vocal cd, probably going to be a sparse record with a few guests here and there but schedules being what they are, things take time.  That’s ok though, as new material is finding its way under my fingers every month and I’m just trying to keep up with it all. Awaiting a new mandola from Benjamin Wilcox and BRW Instruments, which is bound to be a thing of beauty. I have been beyond happy with BRW #58 & #97 and this new instrument will be featured immediately so keep an eye out! Doing random sideman gigs with the likes of Annie & Rod Capps, Billy Brandt, the Flutter and the Wow, and Chris Buhalis in Dec and excited to open for my friend Adam Plomeritas at his CD release at the Ark on Jan. 30! Wayward Roots will be taking a little time off to do some more writing and hope to release  an EP of live songs very soon from some of our recent shows. I’m now teaching at Detroit Guitar in downtown Birmingham on Mondays and Thursdays, in addition to my continued private lessons, so anyone interested feel free to inquire!! Stay tuned!!

2012 Detroit Music Awards and Spring!

Hey folks! Wow, what a blast of beautiful weather to fool us all into an early spring! Just wanted to say a quick thanks to those who have shown their support and continue to do so. I’m happy to be nominated a 3rd time for a DMA for Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Instrumentalist, as well as alongside Annie & Rod Capps for Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Recording, TAKE ME TO THE FAIR. Respect from your peers is a wonderfully important and appreciated thing!! Be sure to try and catch my bluegrass band, Wayward Roots, at Trinity House Theatre April 27th, which does happen to be the same night as the DMA Award Ceremony. Lots of music with Annie & Rod, the Laws Wayward Roots and more, some solo shows in May, check calendar for dates and hope to see you out there at a show!

Bring it…

Hey there, sorry for being out of touch so to speak, lots of music been bein played with various folks and lots of good fun being had. Cd Releases for Potter’s Field, (another album I played all over) new recordings with Annie & Rod Capps, and Wayward Roots and more music period!! The month of December always proves to be more teaching than gigging, as students are coming home for the holidays and squeezing in what they can, which is good for me!! For those interested in private lessons, or having me or Wayward Roots for a house concert, please feel free to send an email to for availability!

Storms and high elevation

Hey Folks! So sorry its been a while since I have had any new updates…been busy!! Summer has been full so far! A good time, if but a bit cold, was had at this year’s Noreaster Music Festival in Mio, MI. A new band I’m playing mandolin and singing for, Wayward Roots, made the venture to Colorado to play in the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition. The experience was insanely cool, and we competed against some great bands from CO, AZ, NM, SC, IL, and TX for example. The competition was pretty fierce but we made the finals and ultimately took home 2nd place!! Playing the mainstage was awesome and the lineup was all of bluegrass royalty and also acts like the Decemberists, Emmit-Nershi Band, Mumford & Sons, and Old Crow Medicine Show. We had a great time and will always have ‘Telluride Finalists’ to add to our accomplishments!! Our trip home was amidst some scary driving thru 3 hail storms and tornado warnings thru most of Nebraska, definitely an experience we will never forget. Thanks so much to all the support we had and it was great to meet so many folks and make some new friends out west. Congratulations to Run Boy Run from AZ who won 1st Place!

Wayward Roots playing main stage at Telluride Bluegrass Festival

This upcoming saturday, June 25th, Annie Capps and I celebrate our shared birthday with a show at the Ark. Many of Annie’s musical friends will be joining us as after we play a trio set of mostly material from the new EP, Take Me To The Fair! Hope you can come and join us for a celebration spanning our combined 90 years of life!!!

Ice and Snow

Howdy folks, I wanted to send out a thanks to Ben Hassenger for having myself, along with Cap’n Midnight (Drew Howard), out for a wonderful time last night, despite the 10 inches of snow and ice that tried to get in our way! I had a blast and it was a warm n wonderful crowd of people that made it out for some sunday night music.

Lots of things in the next few weeks with the wonderful Annie & Rod Capps in Bloomfield Hills, Howell, and Detroit…so be sure to keep an eye out!

Winter wonderland…

Just wanted to chime in after such a white knuckled day of driving…so worth it to have so much fun and make some great music. Annie & Rod Capps and I had a lovely unplugged, low lighting (lost power!) and intimate show at Carrick’s House Concerts, along with a great set by Ben & Keri Bedford…those two sounded so good together! Annie & Rod always keep me on my toes and we have had so many crazy fun experiences together, this was truly cool and we were grateful to all those brave souls that drove out. Thanks to Craig and Nikki Carrick for the hard work they put into that series, such special people!!

I ended the evening with Jill Jack & the Hopeful Winos, (Jill, Mark Iannace, Brian Lord and myself) for a bit of an early holiday show and again, they are always fun to play with and the folks at Dylan’s are always a hoot to play for, big thanks to Rocco!

Welcome to the new site!

Hey Folks, welcome to the new site! Give me some time to update everyone on what I have been doing, who I have been playing with, where I’m playing next etc.

This past year has been crazy busy and 2011 will be even crazier, lots of new music and projects, and I will do my best to keep everyone up to speed!!

I do want to thank all of my musical friends for the continued work and inspiration, all of my students for being patient with my schedule, and another special thanks to those fine folks behind the scenes that are making it possible to do what I do (you KNOW who you are!)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!!

October 2009

Hey Folks,

It has been far too long since I have updated and let you all know what’s been goin on!! I have been busy playing mandolin with Annie & Rod Capps, in support of the album I did with them, MY BLUE GARDEN. The album reached #2 on the Folk DJ charts in its first month out with both the #1 and #3 songs and continues to receive strong airplay across the country and abroad. I am very proud of playing a part in this group of wonderful songs and have a feeling that fans of my guitar music would be happy to include this album in their collection!! Annie is a top notch songwriter, and musically speaking, she and Rod are putting together some wonderful moods, vibes, and stories…a treat for me to be a part of.

We will be showcasing in Upstate New York the weekend of Nov. 13/14 at NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) along with many other terrific touring artists all hoping to book more shows on the east coast.

I have a new vocal record in the works and all is still early in the process but it is something I am very much looking froward to sharing with folks. My songs…my voice….and it will most likely include some of my musical friends thruout michigan. I will do my very best to get this done and to you soon!!!

Don’t forget about the Noah Hunt & Jason Dennie release, ALL THE DARK THINGS. Available at CdBaby and ITunes. Thanks, as always, for the support and open ear!!

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2011 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition

2nd Place Winners - Wayward Roots


5 Detroit Music Award Nominations

Outstanding Folk Instrumentalist


2005 Bronze Winner for Best Solo Musician

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2000 Gamble Rogers Fingerstyle Champion (Florida)


1999 Cammy Award

Best Folk/Bluegrass Instrumentalist


1998 Cammy Award

Best Folk Instrumentalist


1997 Cammy Award

Best Folk Instrumentalist